dreams of fancy

dreams of fancy

I’ve found in you a brightness,

that lights away the night,

and the sweetest model of decadence

never indecent or impolite.

You’re a Rembrandt above a mantel,

flowers in a platinum vase,

and I’ve chosen how to value

your exacting extravagance.

The world rests in your pocket,

and your stars await command,

and I with my dreams of fancy

have accepted where I stand.

TE Mark - Dec 2018_02




but only in dreams

But Only In Dreams

Your lips like ripe cherries and delicious sweet cream,

I see now and taste now but only in dreams.

Your eyes like smooth chestnuts and warm summer moons,

I know and feel sure now sparkled only for me.

Your hand in my pocket on cold afternoons,

I miss now and hold now a vague memory.

Of the day that you said your heart would be mine

until the sun and the moon together resigned.

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